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Why Le Bliss Spa Franchise in Mumbai

  • Staff (Spa Manager, Therapists & Housekeeping) Recruitment

  • Staff Training & Retraining

  • Spa Design

  • Spa Design Execution

  • Branded Spa Products

  • Digital Marketing & Lead Generation

  • Best in Class SOPs & Operating Manuals

  • Facility & Service Audits and Improvements

  • World Class Spa Management Software Access




Aromatherapy Massage

Deep tissue Massage

Ayurveda Massage

Swedish Massage

Balinese Massage

Traditional Thai Massage


Coffee & Salt Scrub

Tropical Spa Sugar Honey Scrub

Vanilla & Coco Wrap

Tropical Spa Mineral Mud Masque

Energizing Citrus & Mineral Body Polish


Spa Manicure Combo

Spa Manicure


Spa Pedicure Combo

Spa Pedicure


Foot Reflexology

Head Massage

Back Neck Shoulder Massage

Pain Soothing Body Balm Massage


Oxygenate Clean Up

Intense Moisturizing Facial

Ultra Bright Facial

Anti Aging Facial

Acne Care Facial

Le Bliss Signature Facial

Le Bliss
Hair Care

Hair Spa

Anti-dandruff Treatment

Hair Fall Treatment

Le Bliss Signature Services

Hot Stone Massage

Le Bliss Couple Spa

Le Bliss Signature Massage

Le bliss
Day Package

Le Bliss Couples Day Out

Le Bliss Jet Lag

Le Bliss Premium

Le Bliss Spa franchise is one of the most renowned spa franchises of India, known for its exclusive services and the rich and luxurious spa experience it offers. We are the leaders in the spa and wellness industry with an extensive network of spa and wellness centers throughout the country and work with the best spa professionals and expert healers from across the world to provide the best quality of services. As the best luxury spa franchise in Mumbai, we strive to maintain a consistently high standard and a swift efficiency in the delivery of services, ensuring that our customers find the most relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience in a rich and indulgent environment. We provide the entire range of spa and wellness services at different price ranges to reach a wide consumer base and tap into the true potential of the spa and wellness industry that is currently valued at around fifteen thousand crore rupees and is expected to grow at an annual rate of about 18% for the next few years. To dive into this world of indulgence and immense potential, we aim to make one thousand spapreneurs (spa entrepreneurs) in India by 2030 who understand the industry and are dedicated to working to create their own spa and wellness centers. 

With our pan India presence, we aim to deliver the entire range of spa treatments and healing services across the length and breadth of India at affordable price ranges. We at Le Bliss Spa in Mumbai, believe in forming long term, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, customers and partners, assisting our clients and partners access the true possibilities of the spa and wellness industry with our expert knowledge, experience and premium quality of services. Our spa franchise is dedicated to provide the best spa franchise opportunities in Mumbai and helping our clients and partners realize their dream of giving their customers a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience in a rich and luxurious environment. 

Le Bliss Spa franchise in Mumbai has a network of spa and wellness centers offering the complete range of spa and healing treatments and services like full body massages, body exfoliation, hand and foot massage, express healing, face massages and exfoliation, and hair spa treatment amongst other specialized spa treatments. The most demanded full body massage at Le Bliss Spa franchise in Mumbai are ayurveda massage, aromatherapy massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Balinese massage and traditional Thai massage. Our full body massages hydrate and invigorate the body, opening the blockages to the flow of energy and giving a renewed freshness to the skin, making it soft, smooth and radiant. The most asked for full body exfoliation at Le Bliss Spa Mumbai are vanilla and coco wrap, coffee and salt scrub, tropical spa, sugar honey scrub, energizing citrus and mineral body polish and tropical spa mineral scrub masque amongst others. Our spa treatment professionals use natural products and extracts for body exfoliation, cleansing the skin and allowing it to breathe, along with aromatic and essential oils to ensure that the skin remains smooth, supple and hydrated. We offer a wide selection of choices for face treatments like ultra brightening facial, anti aging facial, intense moisturizing facial, oxygenate clean up, acne care facial and the Le Bliss Spa signature facial, along with other individually curated facials and masks to give the skin a glowing and youthful look. Our professionals thoroughly work through the different stages of face spa treatment like cleansing, exfoliation, toning, moisturizing and massage to give the skin a smooth and glowing texture, and opening the blockages in the skin. We also provide a range of hand and foot massages and exfoliation and specially designed offers and combinations of manicures and pedicures, along with the complete list of hair spa treatments to rejuvenate the hair and make it silky smooth and voluminous. At Le Bliss Spa in Mumbai we offer day care packages for individuals and couples to enjoy a full day of luxurious and indulgent spa care and treatment, with exclusive services for our premium customers. 

Why Partner with Le Bliss Spa Franchise in Mumbai?

Le Bliss Spa franchise offers the most promising spa franchise opportunities in Mumbai with a complete range of services and assistance in establishing your spa and wellness center. Our in house team of managers and planners will help you design and create your spa and wellness center, within the cost of less than ₹35 lakhs, one of the lowest prices in the industry. Our experts will assist you throughout the process of designing, creating and establishing the center complete with the most luxurious set up, and also help you with the staffing and training process to ensure that your center provides the most premium quality of services through well trained spa professionals and healing experts. Our in house team of digital marketing experts will take care of all your digital marketing requirements and promote your center online on the various digital marketing and social media platforms. We help you set up your spa and wellness center and provide our spa maintenance app to complete the set up and start registrations in less than ten minutes. 

Le Bliss Spa franchise is the only spa franchise to guarantee enquiries and also charges the lowest royalty in the industry at 10%, while giving you full assistance throughout. Being the market leaders for a long time, we help our clients and partners with our expert knowledge and understanding of the spa and wellness industry and ensure that they succeed in the market through their superior understanding, passion and premium quality and effective delivery of services. We have a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on google and facebook and on websites and platforms like, along with an established market presence and a chain of spa and wellness centers throughout the country and in Mumbai. 

Join us at Le Bliss Spa franchise in Mumbai to realize your dreams of owning and running a luxurious spa and wellness center in Mumbai.

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