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Searching for the best Body Massage Centre in Velachery? Le Bliss Spa gives you the best Massage in Velachery. Call us @ 7305344552 to book an appointment at the Best Body Massage Center in Velachery, Chennai.

Nowadays people are looking for a place to relax. Yes, this is the right place for you to keep your stress, tension aside. Every person needs a specific massage. We offer many forms of massage and our favorites are Swedish massage, Aromatherapy massage, Balinese Massage, Deep tissue massage, Thai massage, Traditional massage, and Head massage.

Le Bliss Spa is always prepared to fulfill all your requirements and provides you with the best spa service. The Rooms in the Le Bliss Spa are maintained with more hygienic and peaceful environment that makes you feel the freshness of mental peace. The Therapist in Le Bliss Spa is fully experienced and they are from the best universities in our country to give you the perfect experience of massage. The therapist studies every person's medical issues and offers them a suitable massage.

Full Body Massage

The Reason to have a body massage is to make our body calm and relax both physically and mentally. Massage involves actions like stretching, pulling, hitting, rubbing, and pressing. Usually, the therapist uses hands, forearm, palm, or a roller to do massage. Massage not only gives you relaxation, but it also gives us some health benefits like regulating blood circulation, helps with a sleeping disorder, decreases inflammation, joint pain, reduces muscle tension, reduction of the stress hormone, increases endocrine, and so on. So, taking a massage helps us to live a long peaceful life. If you are looking for a Body Massage Centre in Velachery. Le Bliss Spa is the best place to have a perfect massage.


Aromatherapy Massage

Massage In Velachery

Aromatherapy is a massage therapy that uses scented oils from medicated plants and flowers. This scented oil is mixed with lotion in the correct proportion. This oil promotes our limbic system and makes our mind feel relaxed. Every type of essential oil has specific properties like calming, energizing, relaxing, uplifting, and so on. This massage helps us in Dementia, Menstrual pain, Insomnia, anxiety, a sleeping disorder.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Body Massage In Velachery

Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic massage that is mainly for skeletal injuries. This massage is mainly for the sportsperson who has longtime sports injuries and scars. It increases the blood flow all over the body and reduces the inflammation in muscles. It helps in sports injuries, high blood pressure, sciatica, general fatigue, sleeping disorder, tension in muscles and bones, back pain. It is the perfect massage therapy to remove all your scar tissues from your muscles.

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Swedish Massage

Body Massage Centre In Velachery

Swedish massage is a classic massage that relaxes our whole body. It helps in pain management, increases blood circulation, increases flexibility, reduces work stress, treats asthma, headache, lymphatic problems, and so on. This massage decreases the cortisol level which makes our immune system stronger. This Swedish massage includes rubbing, giving stroke, friction, vibration, and effleurage. It mainly helps in muscle tension which gives us more relaxation and mind refreshments.

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Balinese Massage

Massage Parlour In Velachery

Balinese Massage is a traditional massage of Bali that soothes our improper tissue, relieves strain, increases blood circulation, muscle flexibility. This Massage uses aromatic oils that makes our mind feel more peaceful and calm. There are different types of Balinese massage that helps in healing us both spiritually and physically.

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Traditional Thai Massage

Full Body Massage In Velachery

Like other massages this massage doesn't use a massage bed, instead, they make us lie on a massage mat. In this massage, the therapist uses many techniques like pulling, stretching, pressing, and so on. This Traditional Thai Massage regulates muscle flexibility, blood circulation, and promotes relaxation and mental peace. The Therapist makes us sit in various yoga positions which increases the energy flow all over our body.

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Massage in Velachery:

In Tamil, the meaning of Velachery is the farmer's community. Velachery is surrounded by Perungudi, Guindy, Taramani, IIT-Madras, Madipaakam, Adambakkam. The Nearest airport facility to Velachery is Meenambakkam. The two ways to reach the Airport are Inner Ring Road and via Guindy. The biggest bus terminal in Velachery is the Vijayanagar bus terminal from where buses are sent to various parts of the city.

The popular colleges in Velachery are Gurunanak college, Jerusalem college, and Balaji dental college. Velachery is also called ‘Kottur Naatu Velachery’. Velachery is filled with places like a shopping mall, ice-cream parlor, coaching center.

One of the famous temples in Velachery is Dandeeswarar Temple which was built in the period of Cholas. Velachery is mainly famous for malls. Phoenix market city in Velachery is the second-largest mall by size. The shopping complex has more than 250 shops and Phoenix is the favorite shopping mall for most people.

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Massage is a therapy that involves rubbing, pressing, stretching, hitting, soothing, giving pressure. Massage can be done lying on the table, sitting in a chair, lying on a bed, or lying on a mat on the ground. The different types of massage are head massage, Thai massage, medical massage, structural integration, sports massage, Swedish massage, Trigger point, Balinese, Traditional massage, Aromatic massage. In the ancient period, people did massages to lead a healthy lifestyle.

They practiced massage therapy for babies for their well-being. Nowadays people take a massage service to reduce their work pressure, tension, and anxiety. Massage not only gives you relaxation, but it also makes your body strong both internally and externally. The massage awakens your "chi" energy and makes it flow all over your body which makes your health better.

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